Ear Candling is an ancient effective clearing treatment gentle enough for use on children and those with painful ear infections. Hearing aid wearers, swimmers, divers and surfers also find it useful. Those who have pain during flying also find it great to do beforehand.

An ancient American-Indian technique. The process involves a hollow candle being placed gently in the outer ear and lit furthest away from the ear. The candle circulates warm air in the air canal which slowly sucks out wax/debris from the ears. Great for relieving pressure, pain, tinnitus, glue ear, deafness, itchy ears due to wax build up, middle ear infections needing grommets etc. Candling is said to stimulate the immune system and peripheral blood circulation.

Candling is non invasive and completely painless. Treatments will generally last about one hour.

Many people have found ear candling useful in assisting:
• excessive ear wax build-up;
• drying debris from past and current infections to allow it to fall out;
• drying fluid in the ear canal (especially in people who swim or surf a lot);
• chronic ear infections
• sinus congestion or sinus pain caused by blockages which bring about excess pressure
• to clear the head before or after a flight