An Ionic Footspa operates on the principles of electrochemistry producing positive & negative ions in the water (an ion is a charged particle that forms when an atom gains or loses an electron). Studies have shown that increasing negative ions produces stronger growth in plants, reduces negative symptoms in humans & leaves people with an overall increased sense of well being.

Our modern environment, that exposes us to pollutants & toxins, is generally deficient of beneficial negative ions. Chemical pollution as well as EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution have been stripping our environment of positive energy. Our bodies’ encounter and store unwanted toxins (alcohol, processed foods, artificial additives in food & cosmetics, caffeine, cigarettes) daily. This greatly contributes to our bodies being out of balance. We can restore balance by increasing the amount of ions in our environment.

Ionization, through the process of electrolysis, stimulates a detoxification process within the body through the process of osmosis. The principles of Reflexology outline how the feet are connected to all the vital organ systems and natural detoxification pathways. Toxins are eliminated through the feet into the water and after treatment through urine, breath & perspiration.

The goal of an ionic footspa is to stimulate the body’s own natural detoxification systems & create a positive cellular environment.

Benefits of having regular Ionic Detox Footspas:
• Removal of heavy metals
• Clearer skin
• Positive effect on weight loss
• Seasonal allergy relief
• Increased oxygen levels & energy
• Inactivation of viruses, bacteria, yeast & fungus
• Faster recovery from illness, injury or surgery
• Reduced inflammation & fluid retention
• Enhanced nutrient absorption
• Improved sleep & relief from tension
• Positive effect on the immune system
• Removal of waste products such as diacetic, pyruvic,
butyric, carbonic, uric, heptic & lactic acids
• Symptomatic relief from edema, gout, swollen joints,
pain & headaches

Bio-stimulation restores energy and balance and re-establishes energies previously blocked. This then helps the body’s organs to function correctly. Through detoxification you will boost your immune system, have more energy, enhance digestion and metabolism, lose unwanted weight, increase concentration and feel healthier.