Reflexology is a holistic treatment which helps restore the body to a state of balance. Reflexology is a scientific art based on reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all parts of the body. By applying pressure to reflex points, a message travels via the nervous system to create a physiological change in the body. Reflexology creates a healing response in the body.

Reflexology is widely used and is supported by clinical trials and research and FMRI studies. Modern science has discovered the connection between universal matter and energy waves that relate to the functioning of the body.

Many health problems have been successfully treated as well as serving as a form of preventative maintenance including stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, back & shoulder pain, digestive ailments, IBS, constipation, respiratory problems, HBP/LBP, PMS, menopause, infertility, sciatica & arthritis.

Reflexology is a safe, easy & beneficial method of treatment. Studies have shown that Reflexology can reduce stress & related problems.

Hand Reflexology

A hand reflexology treatment will release tension from your hands and improve the health of your whole body. Reflex points are found in the hands as well as the feet so congestion is cleared and energy flow is restored boosting your immune system and unlocking yvour body’s natural healing responses.

Treat your hands to some TLC! We use them every day and they can accumulate tension – it’s important to keep them in optimum condition. Hand Reflexology can be used as an alternative to foot reflexology.

What Does Reflexology Do?
• Reduces stress & tension and calms the
nervous system
promoting deep relaxation
• Reduces anxiety
• Diminishes pain & muscular tension
• Decreases heart rate & blood pressure
• Improves circulation & oxygen saturation and lowers
repiratory rate
• Increased delivery of nutrients to all cells in the body
• Improves nerve & blood supply to the kidneys,
intestines, brain and feet
• Enhances vitality & energy
• Strengthens the immune system
• Improves assimilation of nutrition & elimination
of toxins
• Facilitates the body’s natural healing process
returning the body to balance (homeostasis)
• Sports Injury & workout recovery
• Improves performance & concentration



Approximately 80% of dis-ease can be related to stress & nerve tension!
Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress as it deeply relaxes the body & allows the nervous system to function normally & enhances the immune system. The body can then find its own homeostasis which is essential following a stressful event.

Reflexology balances the whole biological system. It is a sense of well-being at all levels.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy. If sensitivity is felt, it is an indicator of where the body is out of balance. Because Reflexology is a holistic therapy, treatment response may be on many levels not just the physical—alleviating the cause and not just the symptoms of a health issue. Imbalances within the body can be detected and treated before a physical condition even appears so Reflexology is an effective preventative therapy.

Be Kind to Your Feet!